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STS Christmas Shop Projects - our elves have been busy!

Our STS Christmas elves have been hard at work in the shop and have some exciting news to share!

As part of their 21st Century Skills (skills identified as being required for success in 21st Century society and workplaces), our School Parent Council has graciously given a loan to the shop students in the amount of $500 to go towards the purchase of supplies for their projects. They will be learning how a loan works, borrowing and repayment terms. Any extra income collected on the sale of their projects will be going back into the shop program.
These will make excellent Christmas gifts!! :) We will also be set up this Saturday at the Memorial Hall for the Home Based Business Variety Market.

List of Items For Sale:
House Set with removable tea lights: $30
House Set with white LED lights: $35
House Set with color LED lights: $40
Stars (Nativity or Christmas Scene): $25
Advent Train: $50

Or purchase them as assemble yourself puzzle kits:
House Sets: $25
Stars: $20
Advent Train: $30

If you would like to purchase any of the above items or have any questions please call, text or e-mail
Mr. Andre Gignac directly

STS Christmas Projects for Sale - 21st Century Learning

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